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Specializing in Communications, Emotional Intelligence, Company Cultures and Building Strong and Winning Teams, Elizabeth targets to advance Teams, Leaders and Cultures to a new level through training, speaking and coaching.

With a dedicated focus on Collective Power, Elizabeth sets out to unlock insight, emotional intelligence and initiative, fuel employee engagement and develop people at all levels.

Elizabeth’s goal is to forge partnerships with individuals and organizations and drive them towards achieving sustainable advantage and a culture where employees thrive.

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Always a Rational and Focused thinker when it comes to engaging with individuals or teams, Elizabeth is passionate about working with teams as well as critical individuals leading or working within those teams through coaching, training, facilitating and speaking.

Through a dedicated, targeted, Results-Focused Collaboration, Elizabeth engages with teams large and small and enables meaningful and enduring impact based on working together to achieve greater team harmony, a culture where development thrives and winning results. Elizabeth also engages one-on-one through short term and long term guidance, advising and coaching.


Centered on the belief that current team and engagement strategies can be formulaic, impersonal and out of touch with changing corporate cultural landscapes, Elizabeth set out to transform the team-building space. The tagline, “Advancing People and Organizations”, was chosen to convey the message that true and lasting organizational success is a two-way street – one that continuously mutually benefits the employee and the company, and that now is the time to expect more value from your employee development and engagement initiatives. Strong teams is what drives success, but we must develop, inspire and educate the individuals on those teams continuously.