“I engage through captivating storytelling, humor, excitement and group participation, I believe it’s what puts people at ease. I  create an environment where learning, progressing, developing and feeling inspired becomes easy. Combining that with my relentless and ambitious drive to achieve results, the outcome of my engagements is usually positive, tangible and above all, sustainable.” ~Liz Dulberger


An innovative, creative, and results-driven Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Published Author, Elizabeth combines her passion and knowledge to educate, train and motivate leaders and their teams through company seminars, workshops, and keynotes. Her unique, intuitive and no-nonsense approach to team building, emotional intelligence, business and personal success has captured and inspired individuals & teams across North America. With an intense focus on Success through Communication, Conflict & Personality Management, Confidence and Political Savvy, Creating & Sustaining Winning Teams and Self-Awareness, Elizabeth coaches individuals at all levels and trains and speaks in front of teams large and small.

Elizabeth became an entrepreneur at the age of 21 when she started her first company ELM Inc, a luxurious concierge service for CEOs, athletes and other prominent and busy individuals. Elizabeth entered the corporate world shortly after that where she worked with some of North America’s most successful executives.

Leveraging her experience of overseeing a 90+ employee operation, managing multiple teams and their department heads while in her corporate role as Vice President of Operations at a large REIT, Elizabeth has cultivated unique coaching and team building methods. She teaches these methods during entertaining seminars that engage, challenge and reboot team and leadership thinking and approach.

Elizabeth works closely with companies who desire to build stronger, more effective and motivated teams, develop and inspire staff, achieve emotional intelligence while building a strong and healthy culture where employees remain dedicated. Elizabeth helps support and roll out existing company programs and also helps clients create and develop internal coaching and culture enhancement programs.

Over the years, Elizabeth has acquired an educational background in political science, workplace conflict resolution, mediation, facilitation and negotiation as well as transformational leadership.

Elizabeth brings intense passion to help others succeed to her work with DG clients, she works with small as well as large teams, facilitates department sessions and leadership retreats, advises rising starts as well as influential, successful leaders.

Elizabeth operates with tremendous loyalty and confidentiality and has immense respect and admiration for her clients.

 A few words from Liz’s clients…


“Simply put Liz gets it. She has a unique ability to assess complicated problems, break them down into addressable parts and then tackle each one in direct, thoughtful ways. She is an exceptionally insightful and trustworthy advisor”

“Liz is an excellent team builder who is a very motivating and eloquent speaker. Her training improves the bottom line of a business”

“She is organized and enlightening, and with her broad range of experience, she can motivate and educate both seasoned professionals and newcomers to entrepreneurship”

“Elizabeth is the most effective driver I have encountered in my years”

“Elizabeth is a dynamic entrepreneur who thrives on unlocking the potential of virtually anything that is put in front of her”

“I rely on Liz for clarity and direction, she delivers”