The world belongs to strategic thinkers. Everything we do must align with our strategy, must be a building block toward a greater goal & purpose. Effort without impact means nothing at all. Many people are running but they are not going anywhere, they are not building, they are not operating as part of a greater, bigger picture & strategy, they lack the precise focus to achieve impact.

The greatest storms break out when you are closest to your greatest impact, this is the time you need to be equipped, focused and motivated to get to the finish line. Creative solutions are at the foundation of getting through the storms.

A passionate believer in the collective. The inspired, trusting, intelligent & loyal team is stronger than the individual. Conversely, when the team lacks those strengths, it can derail the leader’s vision and the company’s overall impact.



Liz coaches & trains motivated individuals in and out of the spotlight within North America and Europe. Proficient in 2 languages and a conversational proficiency in 2 additional languages, Liz has built a global network of clients and audiences.

Resourcefulness, IntuitionForesight & Experience are at the core of Liz’s business savvy and strategy, she shows clients efficient and effective ways to solve problems, attract loyal and trustworthy individuals who are aligned with their vision. Training small & large teams, uniting leaders with their new corporate cultures and helping to sustain & enhance the power & unity of the team are Liz’s main strengths.



Liz has advises, coaches & trains leaders & employees of small, entrepreneurial as well as large Fortune 500 companies. Companies have made Liz a part of their corporate family either for a brief or a lengthy period and have experienced her dedication, passion and commitment to coaching & training their most valuable and precious asset: THEIR PEOPLE.



Liz is also a real estate investor & consultant with extended experience in Multi-Family & Manufactured Housing industries. Liz’s Multi-Family & MH clients play a big role in Dulberger Group’s overall  success & sustainability.


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