Grit, Polish & a Growth Mindset

It is estimated that today’s graduates will hold 10 jobs in their lifetimes and that 8 of those have yet to be invented. Our kids need to thrive in that future and teaching them soft, non-cognitive, intangible skills will enhance their chances for success.

We need to expose our kids to skills that will enable them to create financially secure futures and RETAIN that mindset while obtaining an academic education.

The period between age 10-18 is crucial and we must expose them to non-cognitive skills before they get too entrenched in academia and lose track & drive for business, job creation & financial security.

While many parents are already teaching kids these essential life skills, you don’t often find these subjects on the docket of kindergarten, elementary or high school classes. With both parents having to produce an income or run the family business along with all the other parental duties, it is becoming increasing difficult to allot the necessary time & focus at home.



Small classes where individual strengths are enhanced and challenges are addressed. By the end of the program, every student walks away knowing and feeling confident about their unique particular talents and strengths. Their innate strength will be recognized, continuously acknowledged, encouraged and built upon during the program by other students as well as the coach, speakers and invited guests.


These are NOT online training classes. Sessions are live and are conducted via Teams, Kids receive the same benefits as adults receive from live coaching sessions. The tools, activities and concepts used are 100 percent created and applied by DG.


Sessions are not conducted by assistants, interns, employees or franchised coaches. Every session, project and activity is created and conducted by Liz Dulberger. Every student is approached with a uniquely built, selectively directed and strength-enhancing, success-driven methodology.


We acknowledge that students have school as well as other commitments. We accommodate and work around these commitments while striving for success in this program. These programs are perfectly suited to enhance an academic education, while operating alongside it.

Designed to Inspire Self-Development

The desire to self-improve is the ultimate path to success. When we witness our own success and attainment of our own goals (big or small), we develop a desire for more: more learning, more reaching. We want that feeling of accomplishment back and with that desire, we form a habit of self-improvement.

We Align with Families

Our programs interact with parents which allows the coaching process to be a family oriented adventure. Because of the small group sizes, we are able to take parent’s goals & desires into consideration when coaching their kids which allows for a cohesive alignment. 

We Connect with Success

With a network of powerful & successful business associates, child educators & child phycologists, we offer a chance for kids to interact with and hear from various guest speakers throughout the term. We focus on measurable & targeted goals that produce tangible results and open up new ways of thinking & making decisions.





Ages 10-12


Level 1: Ages 13-15

Level 2: Ages 16-18


Ages 19-22


Please note: certain age exceptions can be made for entry into higher level programs based on cognitive assessments & maturity level.

  • Each Program is 15 weeks (1 Term)
  • Each group is limited to 5 students
  • Coaching sessions are virtual and are held once per week
  • Every session is conducted by Liz Dulberger
  • Each coaching session is 1.5 hours in length 
  • Coaching sessions are held on weekday evenings or weekends
  • The lessons remain the same, the teaching tools and approach adapt to each group’s age level and ability to comprehend.
  • The 1.5 hour session consists of a 30-40 minute talk about that days topic by the coach. Followed by feedback, examples, activity to solidify the lesson and explanation of project/case study to have ready for next week
  • 2 relevant books will be read per term
  • 2 relevant speakers will be invited to address the kids each term
  • projects will be assigned each term to solidify & showcase the learned soft skills
  • A journal will be kept by all students during each term
  • Parents will receive updates on progress every week in a form of a e-newsletter

Please Contact us for Programs Fees


  1. CHAT It starts with the parents. We schedule a 30 minute chat to get to know you and your interest in one of the Kids Programs. Its crucial to get to know each family before they become a DG client. This time is a great opportunity to discuss questions, goals and learn about your child/children. A no-obligation in-depth conversation.
  2. REGISTRATION & SYLLABUS After the chat and once parents & kids have chosen a program and registered, we will send a specific coaching program syllabus. This is a detailed curriculum and explanation of each module of the program (an expansion of what you find on this website).
  3. GOALS Following the registration, we will send an assessment for your child as well as the parents to complete. This will give us an in-depth understanding of where your child’s strengths lie so that we may expand on them & tailor our sessions to work on their challenges.
  4. MEET THE COACH Before the program begins, each student will have a 30 minute virtual call with Liz Dulberger to gain a deeper understanding of what to expect during the term, set goals, as well as get to know each other better.

For more information on the PROGRAMS, Please CONTACT DULBERGER GROUP