A Book by Elizabeth Dulberger

What’s in a name? Smoke & Mirrors: Strategic Self-Awareness for Leaders & Future Leaders: The source of the name is based on magicians’ illusions, where magicians make objects appear or disappear by extending or retracting mirrors amid a distracting burst of smoke. Such is the nature of the business world – see beyond the smoke, allow the mirror to show you the true image of your capabilities, see deep into the health of your organization. Self-Awareness, Political Savvy, and Quick Action is one way to ensure you don’t get caught in the smoke. The closer the image in the mirror is to reality; the less distracting the smoke becomes, until you see yourself, your team and your path to success very clearly.

What is Strategic Self-Awareness? Does it include being aware and in tune with every environment and circumstance you encounter and how it affects your progress? YES. Does it include being acutely aware of where power lies, where and how power shifts and when your potential is being limited? YES. Does it include understanding your weakest areas and using every resource and project to stir away from showcasing those weaknesses? YES. Does it help manage and empathize with your team members, see what motivates them and align them with their strengths? YES. Does it expose the realities of your inevitably tough road ahead, your denials and allow you to tackle your blind spots? YES. Does it help eliminate people from your life that stifle your progress and attract those who support, sponsor, motivate, challenge, and invigorate you? YES.

This unique, easy to follow leadership guide filled with point-form take-away’s and quick-to-find tips and tricks was written for those at various levels in their careers: those starting out, entrepreneurs, established executives, CEO’s, and those still in college who will be beginning their journey. This book will come with you to meetings, on vacations, and be there in your book case when you need an honest reflection and some solid inspiration to continue working toward your dream. This will be a ride toward true and honest awareness of self, awareness of those around you and their motives, their influence and your desired destination. When you know yourself, know your unique strengths, know your weaknesses and surround yourself with the right influences and supporters, the sky is the limit. May you continue to serve humanity the best way you know how, continuously help those around you grow, develop and manifest your and their desired futures!