It seems as though every coach, influential leader, and even Dr. Phil has laws and theories that they feel are important to remember and live by. I wrote 10 laws that are (in my opinion) essential for many people running departments, climbing the ladder or leading an organization. I hope many of you can relate to situations where some of these tips could have helped you, take them with you and share them with colleagues.

I came up with these during my coaching sessions as they seemed to be coming up over and over again. Over the past few years, I have been verbally coaching these principles/laws which I hold very dear to my heart.

I feel many of these are applicable in our corporate lives as well as in our personal lives.


  1. Don’t focus on crumbs, look for the loaf of bread
        Strive to win the big battles, not the trivial ones.
  2. Don’t get in the way of powerful people trying to accomplish a goal.
    Aid doesn’t block
  3. Business-friendly attitudes win. Don’t oppose just to oppose.
        Come from a place of YES
  4. Share your same self with the janitor that you share with the CEO.
        Tables often turn, treat everyone with respect
  5. Burn bridges only when someone has imposed on your morality     or ethics and for no other reason.
  6. Never lead with coercion.
    This never ends well
  7. Actions should contribute to a larger goal, not only your agenda.
        Contribute to the community at large with your efforts
  8. Power doesn’t always sit at the top of the organizational chart.
        Hidden power often sits in the oddest of places
  9. Sponsors are better than mentors.
        They put their money/influence and trust behind you
  10. Build and support principles, not policies
        Principles should be at the core of actions