“Liz is one of the most dynamic, high energy individuals I have ever met. Her charisma and intelligence naturally draw people to her. I have seen her work a room and can tell that she is born leader.  She is comfortable in any setting with any type of individual, from the famous and wealthy to those who are less so, and they are all captivated by her charm. If she wasn’t already highly successful in her field, I would tell her to go into politics. She would be a natural.” –Valde Garcia, Retired State Senator and retired U.S. Army Officer

“Consistency and good example are among the most powerful tools in mentoring. Liz truly exudes both of these attributes. I have been on both sides of the table with her (both as customer and as client) and she is the same person regardless of the relationship. You know that what you hear is the whole story and that you are being treated fairly and respectfully. And to top it all off Liz conducts herself with an infectious demeanor and a good sense of humor. Who wouldn’t want to be infected by Liz’s spirit.” –Michael Cruickshank, Partner, York Heritage Properties

Liz is one of the most accomplished individuals I have worked with. When she sets her mind on achieving a goal, she approaches it with knowledge, creativity, and passion. She always achieves her goal. She is also a natural leader who easily influences others to lead and develop. Liz is inspirational and truly cares about her clients; in return, they give her their best.”  –Tom Schwartz, CEO CAPREIT

“Liz is motivating and gets her points across quickly and effectively. She has a collaborative approach with full transparency that instills trust. Look no further than Liz if you need a trusted advisor and team motivator.” –Sharon Dresser, President, High Street Retail USA, Inc.

“Elizabeth is an excellent trainer who is a very motivating and eloquent speaker. Her training improves the bottom line for a business. The employees she trains not only feel comfortable but search for new way to set and reach goals within their departments. Elizabeth has been my coach since we began working together and has helped me make great decisions. It is a great pleasure to work with her under her wonderful expertise” –Rami Fakhoury, Fakhoury Law Group

“Our firm has had the opportunity of working together with Liz for almost three years off and on, and we have found her insight, coaching, determination and support invaluable.  Her keen understanding of multifamily and manufactured housing communities and insight has lead us to initiate a number of new training initiatives as well as changes in operations that were led by and put in place by Ms. Dulberger.  She clearly identifies issues and solutions and presents them to staff in a manner that rallies their support and has allowed us to make drastic and positive changes to our organization on many fronts.  I know that an investment in time with Ms. Dulberger will be rewarded many times over.”  –Kenneth B. Lipschutz, Chief Executive Officer, Brookside Companies

“Liz is a great coach, insightful and direct. Her hard work and dedication to each client goes beyond a job, she dedicates herself fully to make a difference and bring forward ideas and solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend her” –Andrei Nemirovski, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, CIBC Wood Gundy

“Leadership development and hiring the right people are challenge for anyone in business. The presentation given by Ms. Elizabeth Dulberger at the recent industry conference I attended gave me not only insight, but some very specific pointers that I can use to select the right people for a job, the first time around. We were also given ideas about how to best guide these individuals down a path that is most likely going to achieve the best results for the individual and the business. Business conferences are typically filled with seminars and speakers, it is NOT often that I come away with hand written notes because I felt that what the speaker had to say was important enough to take back to my team. The presentation given by Liz was excellent”  Richard Nodel, Nodel parks LLC

“In my view, Liz Dulberger exemplifies the expert with the big vision and the ability to turn that vision into reality.  She combines keen insight and an ability to communicate easily with a wide audience.  She is organized and enlightening, and with her broad range of experience, she can motivate and educate both seasoned professionals and newcomers to entrepreneurship.  She is skilled at making complex concepts easy to understand without resorting to oversimplification or condescension, and – focusing on achievable goals – she provides practical advice and guidance for articulating and identifying both business and personal objectives.  If your aspiration is to “get there,” you need look no further than to Liz as your “go-to” advisor.”  –Les Klein, Principal and Co-founder, Quadrangle Architects Limited

“Liz is a great motivator. Her deep knowledge and abundant experience in the business of rental housing and manufactured homes inspires confidence. Her organizational skills, enthusiasm, high energy, and winning way makes working with her a pleasure and an enriching experience.” –Robert Eisenberg, Partner at York Heritage Properties

“Liz is insightful and direct. She quickly gets to the core of a problem and calls it the way she sees it. If you’re looking for the shortest path to solve a problem, she’s the one you need.” ~ John Ace Underwood Founder, Micro Seminars

“Liz’s dynamic personality and BOLD coaching style grasped my attention from the first time I met her. She has coached me into an influential young leader with an eye on the big picture with a better understanding of the political side of the business world. Since starting my weekly sessions with Liz I have developed a new energy and focus on my career that has become infectious to my team. With Liz’s guidance, my professional growth is limitless!” –Greg Potter, Franklin Companies

“Liz has a plethora of experience and has provided OneLocal with great insight and advice on how to strategically approach, communicate with & retain companies as clients. Her experience with both small & large companies provides her a unique viewpoint in how to communicate with companies & executives across North America” –Neel Luka, Chief Operating Officer, OneLocal

“Liz is an extremely high energy professional. She is an excellent listener with the ability to accurately access clients’ needs and develop an approach that is effective. She has the ability to work collaboratively with clients. She is also extremely fun to work with, has a great sense of humor while moving forward.” –Linda Loving, Director of Strategic Partnerships, and Outreach Top Box Foods

“I’ve known Liz for 8 years and she has had a significant and positive influence on my organization. Her ability to influence and motivate our executive team to surpass our goals has been remarkable. All of this has translated directly to the bottom line, which is where we really measure success. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Liz will see measurable results. –Steve Johnston, President, Catalyst Enterprise

Our company engaged Ms. Dulbergers’s services 3 years ago.  Liz assessed our strengths and offered precise recommendations to combat our weaknesses. As one of the two principals of the business, in addition to holding our leadership team accountable, we have weekly calls and scheduled meetings with Liz to help keep us on track with continued coaching. These efforts help keep us on point and better understand the needs of our team. –Ron Bank, Principal, Franklin Companies

In a short period of time, I have seen Elizabeth bring high-energy, commitment and great understanding to her effective work in the real estate sector. She has accomplished significant achievements in this sector and learned ways to transfer that success pattern to others! She is clearly an asset and an enjoyable person to work with.” –Tery Larrew, Founder and Managing Partner, Caddis Capital Investments

“I have worked with Liz in the past 4 years. Liz lights up the room and makes everyone feel special, she gets the task at hand accomplished. Liz “makes it happen” and then some, her sincere approach to finding solutions is an inspiration, and her “can do” attitude builds confidence in all who have the opportunity to work with her.” –William Hechter, CEO, Excalibur Capital Management 

“Liz has been very helpful to the growth of our company. She has aided in the growth of our leadership team by speaking to each member one on one and helping them work on specific areas of growth. In addition, she and I have had numerous conversations and she has helped me to be a better mentor to my staff.” –Andy Blank, Principal, Franklin Companies

I have known Elizabeth for some time and trust her in assisting me and making high level corporate decisions. Her guidance for growth is invaluable. I would strongly recommend Liz if you’re interested in making a more productive and profitable company.” –Mark Kassab, SVP M. Shapiro Real Estate Group

“Liz has taught me to look in business and life at the larger picture.  In doing so, to pay attention to the small details along the way but always have the end goal in mind. She has reminded me to look at my employees as assets to the company and an extension of the company – thus to address problem employees immediately before they manifest and disturb the business. Over the years, Liz has taught me to make good, moral, sound decisions and the rest worked itself out. Ultimately, my relationship with Liz resulted in greater profitability for my company” –Zachary Yaksich, CEO LUXE Investments LLC