“I want to encourage kids to think like entrepreneurs” LD"

You don’t need to become an entrepreneur to benefit from entrepreneurial skills. Uber is killing the taxi economy. Airbnb is squeezing the hotel industry. Amazon is dominating many industries. We need to prepare our kids for the uncertainty that lies ahead.

Only 13 percent of family businesses make it to the 3rd generation. We must hand over more than just a business, we must pass down the ability to recognize & capitalize on opportunities.

62 percent of US billionaires are self-made entrepreneurs and 65 percent of jobs have not been created yet. There is a strong reliance on future entrepreneurs to create jobs and income in our world.

The catalyst for high-value job-creation


    1. Impact & Sustainability
    2. Sales & Negotiation
    3. Goal Setting & Focus
    4. Creating a Network
    5. Financial Literacy